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We at CLASSIC AUTO RADIATORS know your classic car,truck, motorcycle, off-road,4x4 is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom and passion.. 

 Your car,truck or motorcycle lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work and your leisure activities.You depend on it, so it’s important your car or truck receives quality parts. When you purchase radiators from us you can depend on the latest cooling technology and fabrication procedures to ensure proper system operation and your peace of mind.

Do you want improvement in the cooling and performance of your classic, racing, custom, performance, modified, car, truck, or motorcycle then you came to the right place. Classic discount auto radiators feature a fifteen percent improvement over standard models. 

Classic discount auto radiators are very efficient heat exchangers which transfer the heat of the engine for cooling. Classic auto radiators cool the engine block fluid by passing cooler air over the core surfaces. The hot liquid from the engine is routed through hoses to the inlet tank where it is forced through the radiator core tubes. Classic auto radiators produce this efficient cooling effect in the core and the loop in the engine block.

Previously, radiator cores were made of copper fins and brass tubes and headers. Classic auto radiators are aluminum for reduced weight, corrosion resistance and cost. Classic auto radiators are also still using copper and brass materials and special alloys for high temperature and pressure applications for today’s cleaner diesel engines.

Some vintage car radiator cores were originally manufactured from coiled tubes. Classic auto radiators are manufactured utilizing simpler and cost effective methods. Classic auto radiators are used for racing, muscle, exotic, classic, performance, street rods, late model, autos and trucks.

Classic auto radiators can be purchased as completed assemblies based on horsepower requirements with fans, wiring harnesses, cap, recovery tanks, relays, sending unit, fusing and complete installation instructions. They are guaranteed to cool the horsepower they are rated for. Classic auto radiators can be ordered with built-in transmission coolers in standard black finish to match OEM specifications.

Classic auto radiators can replace OEM units with factory located connections in down flow or cross flow configurations. Sizes range from 25 to 33 inches in width to 17 to 21.5 inches in height. Core thicknesses range from 3.25 to 6.75 inches. Classic auto radiators fit V8, V6, L6, and L4 engine configurations with manual or automatic transmissions with or without coolers built-in. OEM radiators were not designed to meet the higher cooling requirements of performance and racing engines. Classic auto radiators for foreign cars feature aluminum construction with cores of two or three rows with polished end caps. Classic auto radiators represent the leading radiator manufacturers in the industry. Your auto or truck cooling system can be upgraded to a discount classic auto radiator to improve performance and efficiency. Browse through our listings and make sure you look for our sales and discounted units. Make discount classic auto radiators your one stop site for  quality and cooling. performance. Click on each supplier and compare your application and costs.



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